About us

Within quaint and quiet Singaporean kitchens, lies hidden yet truly remarkable culinary talent.

SmilePepper is a brand-new platform to showcase exemplary and exciting cuisine from the people around us. We are a marketplace to facilitate buying and selling food from home-based businesses (HBBs), as well as a value-adding content creator with our own unique spin.

We hope to reinvigorate the Singaporean passion for cosmopolitan yet local cuisine by spotlighting home-based food entrepreneurs with our own talents. Our special brand of in-depth reviews, engaging and evocative videography and photography, and other forms of eye-catching content are specifically designed to maximise reach and enlighten people to the newest kinds of home-based gastronomy.

The SmilePepper platform also aims to be the go-to marketplace for home-based businesses. By listening to our users, we’ve created a bespoke, streamlined and user-friendly experience for both buyer and seller, with proprietary delivery and payment features for an effective all-in-one solution.

We’re here to break down the barriers between aspiring home businesses and hungry Singaporeans. By legitimising more and more home-based businesses, we hope to one day create our own digital version of the farmer’s market culture right here in our little red dot.