Cabbage Kimchi

From S$15.90

Fruity rich with full-on flavour on the crunchy fresh cabbages. The robust flavor is refreshing and appetizing. Perfect palette cleanser for all meals.

Single includes:
1x 500g Cabbage Kimchi

Twin includes:
2x 500g Cabbage Kimchi

Trio includes:
3x 500g Cabbage Kimchi

For Vegetarians:
Below are the ingredients we used for our vegetarian kimchi variants.

Napa Cabbage, Korean Red Pepper Powder, Apple, Pear, Ginger, Green Onion, Asian Chive, Radish, Carrot, Garlic, Onion, Sugar, Vegetable Stock, Miso Paste, Soy Sauce, Sea Salt, Plum Paste, Sesame

Storage and handling tips:
Refrigerate the kimchi promptly.
Reduce air contact.
Use clean dry utensils to extract the kimchi from the bottle.
Do not leave in room temperature always keep refrigerated.
Ensure the lid is sealed tightly.