Ngoh Hiang 18 pieces


Size: 18 pieces/box

We serve only Cooked Frozen (2-months shelf life)

How to order

PayNow / PayLah to 96619928
Please pay and send a screenshot of payment to 96619928 to confirm the order (Please provide full name of the payer). We will send you a confirmation after we receive the payment. Thank you for your order!

1. Shelf life for Ngoh Hiang, Prawn Pancake & Meatball is 2 months in the freezer
2. Shelf life for Thai Seafood Sauce is 1 month in the chiller

Terms and Conditions
1. Order period is from 01 Nov 2021 – 30 Nov 2021​ (subject to availability)
2. All items will be delivered frozen​ except Thai Seafood Sauce