Ugly Crackling

Ugly Crackling

By Crispy Dippers

The meat itself didn’t have that excessive porkyness which meant great care was taken to clean and blanch away the gamey flavour.

Reviewed by SmilePepper on November 22, 2021

At the end of the day, everything in the box was eaten within the hour, and it’s all thanks to good quality meat with great fat distribution, perfectly crispy, slightly salty skin and that amazing sauce that still haunts every waking minute that I’m not able to have more.

There are few Singaporean pleasures as amazing as biting through the crackling skin of a well roasted Siew Yoke (Roasted Pork Belly). When it’s just right, you’ll feel the satisfying crunch overwhelm your whole body, and it’s just a sheer joy to eat. Today’s offering by Crispy Dippers isn’t anywhere near even remotely ugly, but it was definitely crackling.

Opening the box, the meat’s very neatly cut into a grid, perfectly cut into little rectangles for dipping. The smell of roasted delights filled the air as the golden-brown skin glistened in the sunlight. Portions are definitely decent and what we ordered was enough for the 3 of us to share. Picking up a piece with chopsticks, you’ll be able to see a very even distribution of fat and meat topped with that heavenly looking skin, with little or no hard cartilage to be found anywhere. Each piece fills your mouth enough to satisfy your cravings for a long time.

The Crackling Skin

The skin was great, it had a very solid crack and crunch but wasn’t so hard that it’d break your teeth. Even after reheating it in an air fryer later on, the skin was still just as crisp as ever. The slight saltiness left over from the cooking process really helped give it an extra tang.

The meat itself was juicy and bouncy, with the fat neither feeling too gelatinous or oily. It’s an even blend of meat and fat, and it’s definitely not for people weight watching. That said, you won’t have issues with it feeling too fatty to eat. The meat itself didn’t have that excessive porkyness which meant great care was taken to clean and blanch away the gamey flavour. I didn’t recall biting into any cartilage or excessively hard skin which is another plus point for mouthfeel. I do feel like the flavours of the meat were overshadowed though, and a lot of the flavour itself came from the skin, which honestly wasn’t a problem.

The Dipping Sauce

The surprise standout of this set was the sauce. The meat itself was good but the sauce just brought it to another level. With little bits of spring onion, chillies, garlic and who knows what other spices floating in the sauce, you can already tell you’re in for a flavour roller coaster. While the meat itself was slightly under-seasoned for my liking, the sweet, spicy and tangy sauce added so much flavour and made my day. The skin remained crisp after dipping, which only added to the amazing mouthfeel. The meat just became a delivery vehicle for this heavenly sauce, one day prime delivery straight into my mouth. What was supposed to be a dipping sauce ended up being poured over entirely. My only complaint was that there wasn’t nearly enough for how much I was loving it. Give me plain white rice, the meat, enough of this sauce and I’d be set every day for life.

Reviewed by SmilePepper on November 22, 2021