Stuffed Blackout Brownies

Stuffed Blackout Brownies

By Shirley's Confectionery

It really does feel like high quality ingredients have been used, and eating these make my tastebuds feel sophisticated and mature.

Reviewed by SmilePepper on December 22, 2021

A good, high-quality brownie with a more mellow, sophisticated dark chocolate flavour with a variety of fillings to suit every fancy. A night and day upgrade over the factory produced and boxed mix brownies you’d normally come across.

High quality ingredients make a high-quality brownie. The near omnipresence of the sickly sweet, highly processed, high volume “brownie” that comes standard in nearly every catering bento and buffet dessert section makes you really appreciate one that’s actually got love and care put into it.

Today’s offerings are adorned with a variety of toppings to demarcate the hidden treasures lying within. Each brownie is stuffed with a certain treat, and you can order any of the five flavours in any number you’d like from the seller. What looks like 6 little charcoal briquettes are actually the result of using the darkest of dark chocolate and cocoa powder to bake. It’s a slightly healthier option, and you can remind yourself of this when you end up eating more brownies than you probably should.

Fresh out of the oven, the brownie has this delightfully delicate, crisp shell that gives way to a fudgy brownie. It’s a good balance of softness and bite. It doesn’t have an excessively light, airy texture, where you’d be better off eating cake to begin with, but it isn’t too “fudgy” either where everything just compacts into a thick mush with every bite, where you’d be better off eating fudge.

In terms of flavour, you should probably have already expected that these wouldn’t be on the sweeter side. The rich, almost sophisticated flavour of dark chocolate is definitely the standout. This creates a very even, almost ‘adult’ flavour profile. It’s ever so slightly sweet, but its rounded off by the slight bitterness from the dark chocolate. It really does feel like high quality ingredients have been used, and eating these make my tastebuds feel sophisticated and mature. It blows every other processed, massed produced brownie out of the water and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would disagree.

The fillings are there to bring it back down to Earth, a little bit of youthful sweetness to remind ourselves that these brownies are still an endorphin release packed into a dessert.

The sea-salt Nutella brownie adds both extra saltiness and sweetness to the brownie, adding sharp flavours to a mellow profile. The salt crystals might be a bit too much for some, and it’s luck of the draw whether you’d have a perfect distribution, or get hit with a salt bomb like I did. However, you can always pick off the salt crystals till you get your desired saltiness. The sharper flavours are nice additions that add tang and adventure to an otherwise reserved brownie.

Everybody loves Oreos. The crème adds a little bit of sweetness, and the biscuit adds a little bit of crunch and texture to contrast against the soft brownie. It’s like a toasted smore. I’d say this produces a more familiar and palatable flavour for those who are looking for something sweeter and more conventional.

The peanuts add a nice crunch against the soft brownie, and the saltiness here is just right, with better and more even distribution than the sea salt Nutella. The roast peanut flavour is a bit heavy, and might fight a bit too much with the dark chocolate flavour.

The best flavour out of the lot. The slight undertones of coffee and caramel, and the crisp crunch of the biscuits make this one the most addictive. It’s different, keeps with the adult theme and definitely worth trying. Spend your extra brownie on this if you can.

A less adventurous flavour, but sometimes familiarity is what people enjoy and need the most. This adds the sweetness of milk chocolate back into the brownie, and dulls the bitterness a tad. It’s simple and wholesome, and if you’re looking for something without bells and whistles this is probably it. A rich chocolatey brownie to make you feel warm and satisfied inside at the end of a hard day.

At the end of the day, I’d recommend trying every flavour to see what this mother-daughter team has to offer, and picking one extra that really speaks to you. If you’re going for dark chocolate brownies, you’d probably already know what you’re getting into, but I can assure that you’ll be happy with what you get either way.

Reviewed by SmilePepper on December 22, 2021